In 1850 the Rev Henry Barlow raised the amazing sum of £2311 and with this built the spacious, airy building which is now home to our community. At the time of its construction, Christ Church was situated within a fashionable, wealthy area. However over the last one hundred years Pitsmoor has changed dramatically both in physical environment and reputation within the city. Interestingly, even at the turn of the last century when Christ Church was filled with doctors and industry managers, the vicar saw fit to start “cottage meetings” for those who “shun church or chapel by reason of their poverty.”

Many men from the parishes lost their lives during the First World War, our war memorial contains over 300 names of the fallen.

During the second world war the parish was heavily bombed and ninety people lost their lives.

After the war the area was heavily redeveloped with high rise flats and maisonettes. These have mostly now disappeared. Over the years, the community has become more diverse, welcoming people from many nations.

Christ Church, along with our Diocese, is actively involved in re-imagining the church for the 21st Century and increasingly is working in partnership with others.

We don’t yet know what church will look like in the future. We’re sure it will be very different from the church our ancestors knew. We are also  convinced that somehow past and future must be brought together so that as a community we remain rooted in the Christian story while also connecting with ordinary people and inspiring them for life in the modern world.